Greenings from Colorado!

This is not your father’s weed.

Greenings from Colorado has been created to educate and entertain anyone considering a visit to a marijuana-friendly state with the intention to partake. We cover the most basic to the most sophisticated aspects of legal marijuana such as:

  • Sativa v. Indica
  • How to roll the perfect joint
  • What to do when marijuana has negative side effects
  • Saying no

We want everyone to enjoy each moment in our beautiful land of liberty. The best way to do that is to be educated and realistic – just like our shows!

Latest Videos

Show #6 A happy little elf named Maurae shows us how to cook infused brownies. JT Jaquess guest stars, reviewed: Blueberry Cookie, Indica 19% THC

Greenings From Colorado #9 How to make Green Butter!!

Greenings From Colorado No 8 Marijuana Legalization

A really, really bad rewrite of an epic Christmas poem. Not for the aesthetically astute. Or little children. Enjoy!